Whoever there is - I pulled a lever, a trapdoor opened, and that´s exactly where you fell right through !!! MUHAHAHAHA ! And you never saw it coming !!!!!
You are pretty naive... do you happen to think that my secrets are open to anyone ? Ha !

Now, you are trapped in my dungeon...
By the way... you had better not put up any resistance... for I can turn myself into a dragon - and those you can see in the gallery are but a tiny selection - or I can call my dragon friends... and then, you will have a really bad time !

So, be a good adventurer and be still !!


What ? You are just a harmless visitor ? Forgive me, but mages have to be cautious. Wait a moment, I´ll release you from the Dungeon.

Welcome to

Sparrowhawk´s Tower

Last update: Tuesday, February 19th, 2013